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Speakers and Presenters:

Nikki Bell
Nikki Bell Raised by her grandparents in a rural town off the coast of North Carolina, Nikki was first introduced to cooking by her grandmother at the age of seven. It was at that moment that she developed an interest for cooking and by the age of 10, she knew her way around a cookbook and began using them for inspiration. Nikki Bell is one of 16 home cooks from across the country who will compete for a $50,000 cash prize in the Food Networkís new culinary competition series Americaís Best Cook, premiering Sunday, April 13, at 9 PM. Hosted by Ted Allen, the 16 cooks are divided into four teams representing the South, North, East, and West, and each team is mentored by a Food Network chef. Nikki proudly represents Team South, mentored by celebrity Chef Cat Cora. Committed to bringing family members back to the dinner table and recouping their love for Sunday dinners. Her first cookbook, A Bit of This, A Bit of That: Comfort Food for the Eclectic Soul will be published on April 13, 2014 with the release her seasoning collection, Season for Soul featuring four of her favorite spice blends to follow in mid-May.

Gennesis Boyd
Gennesis Boyd After graduating from Olivet College in 2005 with a degree Business Administration, Marketing & Psychology. I opened a child care and taught preschool for nine years when I was introduced to It Works Global and fell in love with specializing in nutrition based supplementation. I am married to my college sweetheart and have two children Damon and Taylor and we reside where we were born & raised in Michigan. We realized our passion in life was educating others on how to fuel our body with bioavailable non-GMO supplements and making sure others know how important top quality is if you want to focus on preventative care. My husband Andy graduated with a teaching degree and is now full time with me because we feel so many in the world need help and we can share all we have learned with others. As a growing family, we’ve been working this “Crazy Wrap Business” for the last four years as of August 2014. It all started by attending an in home wrap party and seeing results with the Ultimate Body Applicator in 45 minutes. I signed up to be a distributor the following day. At this time we had our son Damon and our daughter Taylor and my goal was to be home with them. Starting this business with everything else on our plates was not an easy task, however the alternative wasn’t an option either. We feel obligated to share this business opportunity with others and all that we can do to educate people so they understand preventative health. We believe in hard work and a goal for a better life for our family and others long term, which is was what keeps us so passionate! After two years of working this business part time, we were able to quit our j.o.b.’s and dedicate our undivided attention to our It Works business. Now, at the four year mark we are at the top rank of Ambassador Diamonds living the dream of helping others succeed physically & financially!

Stacey Erdman
Stacey Erdman Stacey Erdman is a Regional Education Specialist with Aubrey Organics, Inc. and a passionate advocate for natural living. One of her earliest childhood memories is tugging on her motherís sleeve, begging to dart into the health food store while mom shopped at the big name grocery store. In her adult life, Stacey successfully created learning programs for Fortune 500 companies with multimedia training and distance learning companies in the high tech industry and longed to align her skills and knowledge with her life values. In 2001, she started a successful SF bay area natural products brokerage while attending classes in herbal medicine and nutrition. She focused on educating her clients and their customer base about natural personal care, herbs and supplements. Currently an educator in personal care, its ingredients and processes, she engages people and their senses to create memorable experiences that make lasting impressions.

Peter Goodgold
Peter Goodgold Peter Goodgold created Pyramid Raw Food/Macrobiotic restaurant in Santa Monica and Healing Waters Health Spa in Eden Arizona. He has been researching health benefits of water and diet for 44 years and currently producing a film, "The Wisdom of Water".

Mark J Kaylor
Mark Kaylor While pursuing his doctoral studies in sociology Markís life took an abrupt and significant turn. A part-time job in a health food store lead to a series of life discoveries and career changes, awakening a passion for holistic health and healing. From this point on he began exploring in depth, as he does to this day, a diverse array of healing practices and traditions from around the world. From a Cherokee reservation to the Amazon rainforest to mountains in China, his studies have lead him to develop a truly holistic practice and approach to health and healing incorporating many traditions, styles, and modalities. His passion stems from his desire to share with others the vast amount of information and the many options that are available to them to find their own path to radiant health. Mark has worked in the Natural Foods Industry for over 30 years as a leading holistic health educator, herbalist, formulator, radio show host/guest, and author. You can catch him frequently on health talk radio and also visit his informational website:

Carol Kicinski
Carol Kicinski Diagnosed with gluten sensitivity more than 20 years ago, Carol Kicinski has motivated millions to live healthy and happy gluten and allergen-free lives. Carol’s core philosophy is “Look at the world of food in terms of what I CAN eat – not what I can’t – and look how much healthier I am because of it!” Carol is a TV chef in her fifth season of monthly episodes on NBC based, Daytime TV. The show is nationally syndicated to 191 TV stations and the Dish Network - she has a monthly audience of 2.2 million viewers.
With an annual readership of over 2 million, she is the founder and editor-in-chief of Simply Gluten Free magazine, a nationally published magazine dedicated to the gluten and allergen-free lifestyle. The magazine’s purpose is to educate, assist and inspire those with celiac disease or a sensitivity to gluten, dairy, peanut, grain or other allergenic elements, and also assist those with vegetarian, vegan, Paleo & raw preferences. She launched the first issue in November/December 2012 and it has since become the best-selling and most popular gluten and allergen-free lifestyle magazine in America and Canada. The magazine was awarded “2013 Hottest Launch” by Media Industry News (MIN) in Dec 2013. Carol’s over 1,200 recipes which are all made in her own kitchen and her articles have been published in more than 650 newspapers and magazines across the country. She is the author of three print cookbooks and ten eBooks, including the best-selling Simply Gluten Free Desserts (St. Martin’s Press, 2011), and Simply Gluten Free Quick Meals (St. Martin’s Press, 2012). Her fans have made her website and her very active blog one of the top gluten-free websites in the world, with more than 775,000 monthly page views and 180,000 unique visitors per month. Awarded “One of the Top 60 Must-Read Health Blogs in America Today” (2012) – the only gluten-free blog ever so awarded. Carol started her career in the gluten-free industry as a contracted recipe developer for over 20 major corporations. In 2007, she founded Simply Gluten Free, a gluten-free recipe and lifestyle blog and website.
She is an industry leader and advocate, speaking at conferences and expos and doing many cooking demonstrations across America about gluten-free living. She has brought together hundreds of bloggers from all over the world with the online Gluten Free Global Bloggers Community and has brought together hundreds of international support groups in the online Celiac Support Groups Community. In a professional career prior to her recipe development, Carol was ahead of the sustainable energy curve as she was the Financial Controller for a $32M Solar Corporation. As a humanitarian and adventurer, Carol has assisted the International Red Cross around the world and was one of the first responders at Katrina’s Central Command assisting the troops. She’s lived to tell about being charged by elephants and rhinos (literally) and has dived with Great White sharks in South Africa. Fun, interesting, and accomplished, Carol’s simplest passion is “making gluten-free recipes that are not just ‘good for gluten-free’ but just plain good, period! And having others make it and love it.”

Dr. Li Liu, L.Ac
Dr Liu Dr. Li Liu, L.Ac., author of the book “Myths and Truths About Health: An Acupuncturist’s Diary of Nutritional Healing”, earned her Doctor of Medicine (MD) and her degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. She came from Harbin, China to the United States in 1996 to practice Acupuncture and continued with postgraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. As a torch relay bearer and a team doctor, she served the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. After 5 years in private practice in Wisconsin, she moved to Atlanta in 2001. Dr. Liu is an Advanced Clinical Graduate of Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc. and has practiced Nutritional Response Testing? since 2011. Most of her patients come to her for both acupuncture and NRT?. Dr. Liu has been a guest speaker at Emory University, Georgia State University as well as for health insurance underwriters. She is particularly interested in educating her patients and other healing practitioners. She has been interviewed by CNN, local newspapers and by Atlanta Style and Design Magazine. Called by her patients “Angel of Healing”, she is determined to unveil the truth of life and educate people to trust themselves to maintain health naturally.

Tassili Maat
Tassili Maat Tassili Maat, the owner of Tassiliís Raw Reality raw food restaurant, has lived in Atlanta for 28 years, but she was born in Houston, Texas. The family moved to San Diego when she was five. Maatís mother was something of a gourmet cook and her father was a medical doctoróbenefiting from newly enacted integration laws, he was the first in his family to graduate from college. She was exposed to raw foodism in the 1980s and felt that it was too time-consuming to be practical, but says, ďWhat I found was that the reality was quite the contrary. As a vegetarian, I was already buying my food fresh and preparing it to sautť, stir-fry or bake. With raw food, I found I was preparing it to marinade, and nine times out of 10, it was ready to eat faster than if I had cooked it. Once I was able to make that paradigm shift in my mind, a whole new culinary world opened up for me.Ē She has written an un-cookbook, Raw Recipes on the Go: Quick and Easy Raw Food Recipes in 15 minutes or Less.

Wanda McCallum
Wanda McCullum Owner, National Presenter, and Advanced Facilitator at AWAKEN Higher Brain Living Center in Atlanta.

Wanda McCallum is the owner of the first AWAKEN Higher Brain Living Center located in Dunwoody. Ms. McCallum also presents nationally for Higher Brain Living Central up and down the East coast to holistic health practitioners, medical personnel and individuals who want to join the Higher Brain Living evolutionary movement. Wanda also presents local client presentations for individuals who want to join as a client and experience positive, permanent transformational change in their lives. When Wanda isnít presenting or working directly with clients in her Center, she provides corporate training and coaching to organizations throughout the country and abroad on topics including emotional intelligence, conflict management, managing change, innovation and problem solving. Wanda also maintains a part-time private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor where she provides individual, family, and coupleís counseling. Wanda resides in Marietta, GA with her husband and two dogs where she enjoys organic gardening and hiking in nearby parks

Stephanie Moram & Kara Cozier
Stephanie Moram is a tree hugger; a plant-based foodie; an oily addict; and a passionate writer at Good Girl Gone Green. Her love for all things green and healthy living naturally led her to the world of essential oils and now she is a Platinum Leader. She lives in Montreal, Canada, where you can find her her composting, collecting trash in the streets or along the water, creating raw treats in the kitchen or diffusing her favourite essential oil: Grounding.

Kara Cozier Kara Cozier†is a Young Living Gold Leader and is very passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping others live a life of wellness, purpose, and abundance. She is a blogger at and the creator of the Freedom Lifestyle coaching program. Kara is a wife and homeschooling mother of twin daughters.

Yosef N. Ozia
Yosef Ozia Yosef N. Ozia is the currently Team Lead on the Sevananda kitchen staff, and an upcoming young chef in the vegan community. I have been cooking vegan food in the city of Atlanta for the past 6 since I moved from my home town in Chicago . My favorite thing to prepare have to be between Ethiopian styled food and Southern cooking. When am not cooking at Sevananda Kitchen or at home some of the other thing I enjoy doing is biking, running swimming, traveling and overall just having a good time.

Dr. Grazyna Pajunen
Dr. Grazyna Pajunen Dr. Grazyna Pajunen was born in Warsaw, Poland. She received her Master degree in Electronics of Solid State from the Technical University in Warsaw and her Ph.D. degree in automatic control systems from the Helsinki University of Technology in Finland. She has been teaching at the Florida Atlantic University and UCLA for 25 years. She was involved in research and she has over 50 referred publications. She also worked as a consultant for the local companies and she holds 15 US patents with Motorola. Her research was concerned with the application of adaptive control systems to different processes. It dealt with solving challenging issues with time varying parameters, noises and even changing structures. Although she has worked with many different processes, her very favorite was the applications in the bio-medical field because she likes to help people to live healthy life and with as little discomfort as possible. She is also a successful Real Estate Investor.

Adrian Parker
Adrian Parker Greetings! My name is Adrian Parker. Iíve been a Chef at Sevananda for five years. Iíve been cooking since the age of five. Iím from Atlanta Georgia. Iíve been married to the woman of my dreams (Mishka Parker) for four beautiful years. My Style of cooking is more of a soulful style. Although I enjoy preparing all kinds of food, Iím still a work in progress. My motivation comes from my Grandmother. She was always in the kitchen, not just because she had to, but also because she loves to see her family enjoying the art of what she did! I love to feed people. I see myself as a nurturer. Not only do I do this for a living, I do this because I feel that good food is also Positive energy! With all of this being said, thanks for giving me the opportunity to bless you all with a piece of me and My Grandmother. I Love You Ruby Childs. Continue to Rest and I will strive Every day to make you proud. Peace

Michael Grant White, LMBT, NE, OBDMT
Michael Grant White Michael Grant White, LMBT, NE, OBDMT, health educator, personal growth coach, author, public speaker, and vocalist has changed thousands of lives through the Optimal Breathing® paradigm. Founder of The Optimal Breathing School combining key elements of eclectic spirituality, Tibetan, Hatha, and Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, Chi Kung (Qigong), massage therapy, meditations, Tai Chi, Karate, Reichian Therapy, Radiance BreathworkTM, RebirthingTM, meditation, chanting, toning, teachings of OSHO, operatic and public speaking, nutrition and more. He is a member of the American Holistic Medical Association; American Holistic Health Association; co-founding member of Association Of Humanistic Psychology Somatic?s Community, a former member of The Health Medicine Forum of Walnut Creek, California. Lectures? worldwide. Breathing Manual, training videos and recorded breathing exercise cassettes support the work. Has appeared on the Lifetime Channel. Articles and quotes have appeared in Massage Magazine, Women's Sports and Fitness, Boardroom Reports, a Disney Channel children's book, Natural Calm. Optimal Breathing is listed in Rodale Press' book Alternative Cures, Flood Your Body With Oxygen, Conscious Breathing, Super Power Breathing, The Power of Emotion, Free Your Breath and Free Your Life, Free To Speak, T5T, and other leading edge books. Co-creator of and The Free To Speak Spasmodic Dysphonia Clinic.