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Brandon Addison
Brandon Addison Brandon Addison is a hormone replacement consultant who has taught hundreds of medical practitioners how to diagnose and prescribe for men requiring hormone balancing and supplementation. He currently is CEO of Low T Nation, Atlanta's leading men's health clinic.

Darryl Bosshardt
Darryl Bosshardt Darryl Bosshardt is passionate about healthily living, healthy eating and life-long learning. Darryl is a spokesperson for Redmond, manufacturer and distributor for natural, healthy, sustainable products. Darryl grew up working for the family mineral business in Redmond, UT and then earned a Bachelors of Science degree at Southern Utah University followed by an MBA at Western Governor's University.

Janelle Cherry
Janelle Cherry Janelle Cherry is an entrepreneur who is passionate about empowering people to live a life of ultimate health and wellness. She is a Philadelphia native, currently residing in Atlanta, GA. She started her journey of health & wellness 4 years ago, when hospitalized with unusual symptoms causing her digestive system to completely shut down for 10 days. After modern medicine failed both she and her youngest child, Janelle decided to embark on a journey of holistic living. In 2015, Janelle became an independent business owner in Total Life Changes, and set to tell the world of how their wonderful, all natural products have changed both her and the lives of her loved ones. This mother of two is passionate about her vision, and is on a mission of helping individuals and families around the world obtain health, wellness, and prosperity.

Brenda Cobb, Founder of the Living Foods Institute
Brenda Cobb Brenda Cobb, founder of the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, personally healed breast and cervical cancer without surgery, chemo and radiation with her all natural approach using organic raw and living foods, detoxification, cleansing and emotional healing. She has developed her Healthy Lifestyle Program to help people to slow and reverse aging and heal all types of diseases and has helped thousands of people from all over the world. She has written 10 books including "The Living Foods Lifestyle®" and was awarded an Honorary Cultural Doctorate in Therapeutic Philosophy from the World University and the Phoenix Award by the City of Atlanta as well as numerous awards from other organizations recognizing her amazing work. She is featured on many documentaries including "Healing Cancer From Inside Out", "Eating" and "The Rave Diet" and has been seen and heard on CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX and numerous other television networks and radio shows. What began as the biggest challenge in Brenda's life turned into a wonderful gift to humanity. Her mission to help "Heal the World One Person at a Time" is being fulfilled every day as the internationally acclaimed Living Foods Institute is now known around the world.

Dr. Joe Esposito DC, BS, DABCO, DCBCN
Dr. Joe Esposito has lectured throughout the United States and internationally to hundreds of companies and organizations. He received his BS in clinical nutrition and his chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, Ga where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. He was a Licensed Dietitian from the State of Georgia. His Pain Management Diplomate is from the American Academy of Pain Management in Modesto California and he is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedics. From there, he has researched nutrition just about every day for the 30+ years. He is an energetic and authoritative speaker on wellness and peak performance. Dr. Joe cleverly combines over 30 years of experience, research and publications into building entertaining lectures and training seminars. He is an award-winning author, a nationally recognized syndicated radio host, television nutritional consultant and pioneer in the field of nutrition, health and longevity. His leading edge research in the field of food and how it affects all aspects of health and disease has helped thousands of people overcome their health challenges. He now shares his knowledge with you. His philosophy is to show you how to lead a happier, healthier and longer life by teaching you practical take home information. The only complaint he gets from his audiences is "why didn't we do this sooner?"

Leah Guy, Owner of Modern Sage; Spiritual Teacher
Leah Guy The go-to expert on mindfulness, television personality Leah Guy was a young woman when she was confronted with crippling anxiety, eating disorders and later the trauma of a sexual assault. She has not only survived, but through application of healing practices, has found emotional and mental freedom. She's created a framework to help anyone transform trauma and pain into peace and wholeness. Leah appears regularly across major media channels to provide expert commentary on topics such as: Meditation, Addiction as Spiritual Awakening, The Mind-Body Connection, Chakra and Energy Medicine and Holistic Nutrition as well as Emotional and Spiritual Healing. She has appeared with notables such as Deepak Chopra, Seane Corn and countless other experts in the field of alternative wellness. Her 20-plus years of working with private clients along with a unique perspective on true health & happiness creates an atmosphere for the audience that is not only transformation, but enjoyable. She has trained at Alive & Well Institute of Conscious Bodywork, San Anselmo CA as well as The School of Enlightenment & Healing, San Diego. Leah teaches across the nation and is currently writing her second book, as well as penning columns for various publications. She resides in the NYC metro area where she operates two companies, Modern Sage ( and A Girl Named Guy Productions, a Lifestyle Media Company ( She has two furry children, Corkie and Cosmo and a large cluster of soul family scattered across the world.

Jane Holmes, Director of Living Foods Institute
Jane Holmes Jane Holmes, Director of Living Foods Institute, shares a powerful message of emotional healing, using the power of words, the thinking mind, faith and beliefs. She has helped many thousands of people from all over the world move through and heal deep emotional and mental blocks and thus heal serious illnesses and diseases. Her humor and flavorful stories bring excitement and fun to the healing process. She has the unique ability to help a person get in touch with issues holding them back and making them sick and can help a person cut through years of buried "guck" in a relatively short amount of time so powerful progress may quickly be achieved. She is an award winning photographer and creative artist who has used her creative energies to develop teachings which have empowered many to go beyond their wildest expectations, to fulfill their goals and create a life of health, joy and happiness. Jane can help a person get right to the real emotional issue so they can release negative energies and realize their full potential. Her powerful affirmations and positive attitude is infectious and all who meet her truly blessed.

Sagdrina Jalal, Executive Director, Project Generation Gap
Sagdrina Jalal Sagdrina Jalal is the co-founder and Executive Director of Project Generation Gap, a community centered 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting farmers and providing food system support and education. Project Generation Gap is the umbrella organization for the Georgia Farmers Market Association which is led by farmers, market managers and other food advocates. Sagdrina is a graduate of the University of Georgia and holds a Bachelors of Science in Education. She has certifications and additional training in the areas of fitness, nutrition and using food to achieve optimal health. A graduate of SoulFire Farm's Farmer Immersion program, Sagdrina has made has found her space in the good food movement; at the intersection of food, health and community.

Connie Jeon, DPT, MPH, RD/LD, CPI, RYT-200hr, HIFS
Connie Jeon Connie Jeon has over 16 years of clinical practice in physical therapy, functional nutrition and in functional medicine. She has extensive training as follows: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Masters Public Health Nutrition, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor. Most importantly she has found a path to proper healing and prevention as a lupus patient for over 16 years.

Rachael Kane
Rachael Kane Rachael Kane has served as Wholesome Wave Georgia's Community Outreach Coordinator since December 2014. Rachael has a passion for connecting low-income families with local and sustainable food by increasing access to and affordability of fresh foods that support small-scale sustainable farms. In her current position, Rachael works with 45 partner farmers markets and farms around the state to administer the Double Value Coupon Program, an initiative that doubles the value of federal nutrition assistance benefits at farmers markets and direct sales farms. Rachael works closely with market managers and farmers to promote the program in their communities by providing resources, toolkits, trainings, pilot programs and more. At the statewide level, Rachael initiates, develops, and rejuvenates partnerships with large organizations and governmental agencies to promote Wholesome Wave Georgia's programs at a high level. Through her work in the Atlanta food system over the past four years, Rachael has gained a wide range of knowledge and skills that allow her to connect the worlds of food assistance and sustainable food. Working with several small organizations, she has gained experience in farming and gardening, program development, partnership management, policy and advocacy. Rachael received her undergraduate degree from Penn State University and holds a Master's in Public Health from Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health.

Hilary King, Director of Special Projects
Hilary King Hilary is a native Oregonian that was transplanted to Atlanta in 2010. Hilary has worked in food systems since she started at Hamilton College in 2001. Since then, she has been a researcher, potluck organizer, waitress, business adviser and chief of farmer relations. She has worked with farmers and food businesses across Latin America and East Africa, testing out ways for farmers to earn more money and consumers to get to know more about what they eat. Her work has been supported by a Thomas J. Watson and a Fulbright Fellowship. When not working with CFM, Hilary moonlights as a PhD Candidate in Cultural Anthropology at Emory University in Atlanta. She teaches courses on local food systems, and is finishing her dissertation, focused on what happens when producers and consumers get to know each other in Chiapas, Mexico. She also makes a darn good latte and handmade tortillas.

Dr. Scott Perlman, DC, Owner of JAS Medical & Wellness Center, Owner of The Pulse Center in Marietta Ga
Dr. Scott Perlman Dr. Scott Perlman is a Chiropractor specializing in nutrition and energy balancing techniques. He has found that joining his Chiropractic Practice, A&J Family Spine & Wellness Center, together with Dr. Scott's All Natural Pharmacy was best for his patients and getting the best results as well as giving the best of care. He uses energy techniques along with homeopathic, organic Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal supplementation. His practice resides in the heart of historic Marietta, GA. Dr. Scott was also a personal Trainer for Ten years and has been in the exercise field for 25yrs. Dr. Scott believes it is much more then one entity for total healthy and wellness, he calls it the Pie of Life. Think of it as a pizza pie in slices, each slice stands for something. Chiropractic, Nutrition, exercise, whole foods and pure Vitamins and Mineral Supplementation and most of all, your faith (Religion) all play a positive roll in one's health. Scott also likes to lecture and motivational speak to the Chiropractic Students at times at Life University when ever he gets a chance. He likes to give his passion to the up coming Doctors of Chiropractic. He feels that is his passion and desire was given to him by GOD was so great, the only way to pay him back was by sharing it with others!

Michael Schenck, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of The Turnip Truck of Georgia, LLC.
Michael Schenck After training and working as a chef for many years, founded The Turnip Truck to help alleviate difficulties for local food producers in getting their product to market. As a local food advocate, Schenck is committed to affecting change in our food system and helping to bring more good, healthy and clean food to the community.

Tenisio Seanima
Tenisio Seanima Tenisio Seanima is currently the Farmer Services Coordinator with Georgia Organics and the General Manager of Nature's Candy Farms. His familiar roots in farming go as far back as 1882 to his family's farm, The August Long Estate, and he began “urban farming” in 2011 after receiving a business degree in Green and Sustainable Enterprise Management. Mr. Seanima's experiences involved builing and managing community garden projects for Columbia Residential. Later, he had the honor of formalizing the sales department for one of the south east's most impressive and innovative urban farms, Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture. Now in his current role at Georgia Organics, Tenisio provides support for both new and experienced farmers in implementing business systems, enhancing farmer prosperity, increasing the number of new farmers in Georgia as well as increasing the certified organic acreage that exists in Georgia.